I created this site long time ago for other game community, so i decided to create a blog, forum about interesting things about Dota 2 or to share with you other stuff from my youtube channel.

Sice is to boring and will take to long to translate full site back to english only main page and the forum are dedicated to the community.

Like all forums we have rules, i hope you know them, if you don't that
is not my problem.

Level 338 present unbox (my first video)

I was disappointed when i saw what is inside this...

Posted by misshu, 22 Dec 2013 Comments: 0

playing only sniper

I just found out this guy playing only sniper 4k+ matches.
take a look http://dotabuff.com/players/113664644

Posted by misshu, 05 Oct 2013 Comments: 0

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